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comasuicide's Journal

A Box Of Oreos With A Cup Of Tea...
16 January 1990
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I'm Jess.
I'm an 18 year old girl.
I frequently lick the lid of life.
+ red bull does give me wings.
I have the biggest crush on Jensen Ackles.
+ I adore Jessica Stam, Audrey Kitching & Hanna Beth.
Supernatural, Dexter, & Heroes are currently my favourite tv shows
The Birthday Massacre is always playing on my ipod.
+ I love foreign countrys.
I will Love my friends till the end.
Like most of you out there, I like Hello Kitty.
Is there a phobia for potato stalks. cuz if there is then I have it.
I have an obsession with oreo cookies + fruit smoothies
Buy me a hot chocolate with whipped cream, marshmallows + choc sauce & I'll <3 u forever.
I'm a sucker for weird jewellery and heart shaped glasses + a guy with a nice smile.
I have a myspace. hit me up on that.